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Double Bangle design, With thin Silver Bangle and also Thin Pave Crystal Bangle Width: 0.3cm..
Ex Tax: $327.00
Silver Heart Shaped Stud Earrings with Crystal zirconia stone. ..
Ex Tax: $44.00
Thin Silver oval shaped bangle with clip opening. Width: 0.4cm ..
Ex Tax: $193.00
Platinum Plated on Silver Bangle DAAO5464 Wide face, dents on the surface. Simple but elegant. ..
Ex Tax: $257.00
Silver Bangle with Silver and Gold Double Heart Design at top. Width: 0.3cm ..
Ex Tax: $139.00
Thin Silver Curved Hoop Bangle with Smaller Curved Hoop Dangling with movement. Width: 0.3cm..
Ex Tax: $121.00
7 Degrees Brand Siver with Platinum plating open ended bangle, 6.5cm wide White gold look ..
Ex Tax: $235.00
Silver with platinum plating open ended bangle with cutout heart shapes. White gold look lik..
Ex Tax: $215.00
Silver Hook, Claw Shaped extension with Pearl Drop Attached to the End. ..
Ex Tax: $50.00
Platium Plated Silver Hoop Earrings with Diagonal Cut-out Slits ..
Ex Tax: $84.00
Platinum Plated Medium sized hoop earrings with diagonal cut-out shapes across the gradual band. ..
Ex Tax: $84.00
Platinum Plated Silver Studs with Double Diamond Design and Zironia Stones encrusted on th larger..
Ex Tax: $48.00
Silver Earrings with Cross Hatch Drop Design with Small Rings attached to bottom of the drop. ..
Ex Tax: $54.00
Platinum Plated Silver Earrings with a long Cut-out Cyclinder shape with a wavy texture. ..
Ex Tax: $63.00
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